A multi-talented engineer and support specialist, who loves dancing and tinkering with machines.

As Devol you will be doing damage with your trusty shotgun and dropping turrets to give your team a tactical advantage.


Devol has access to both offensive machine-gun turrets, as well as healing beacons.

A truly diverse support strategist capable of turning the tide at dire moments.


An ex-military, spec-ops android. 


As Zulu you will be focusing on pinning down members of the other team with suppressing fire as well as covering your team.

Zulu is all about damage, be it from his augmented machine gun arm, shooting missiles from his back mounted turrets or calling in devastating AOE airstrikes. 



Combat medic and sniper. Tesla has a truly diverse skill-set. 

As Tesla you will be responsible for keeping your team alive with AOE heals but still maintain the ability to strategically take out enemies with long-range skill shots.




This psychic, mad scientist has quite a few tricks up his sleeve.

As "Ozy", you will be controlling the battlefield by placing toxic clouds and damaging your enemies and healing your friends with psychic bolts.

"Ozy" has access to a crossbow that shoots DOT poisoned arrows, psychic bolts that he can fling at friends or foes and poison cloud canisters that he can create AOE poison clouds with.


This hot tempered close combat specialist and tank loves to play with fire.


Assuming the role of Pyro you will want to be as deep in the action as possible causing continuous damage to all enemies in range with your trusty flamethrower.


Pyro has a paticular dislike towards being called a "Toaster"!



An Android with amnesia looking to regain his humanity through shamanism.


As Nobel you will be sniping the enemy from a distance, laying down traps and teleporting around the battlefield.



Designed as a doomsday weapon. Daye had a fatal flaw. He loves humans and does everything he can to protect and care for them.


Playing our massive tank Daye you will slow your enemies down and act as a shield on the front lines.



Pick up your sword and shield and wield it through Riot.


As Riot you will be attacking your enemies head on with your trusty sword. Make sure that attacks from your enemies come on the front, as Riot uses his shield to soak the damage.


A Self modified metahuman using meta genetics.


Playing as Nightcore you will be moving quickly to attack your enemies by dashing through them or turning invisible for the surprise attack.