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12 Oct 2023

Meet the Hero: Riot – The Mercenary with a Morality Code

In a world where robots might just swipe right to human annihilation, comes Riot! While most are scrambling for a beacon of hope, Riot's more like the streetlight that sometimes flickers but won't go out—a rugged, metahuman version of resistance with a penchant for personal profit. But don't let his materialistic motivations mislead you. In the Machines Arena, he's got a simple rule: fighting humans? All in a day's work. Selling them out to the Dominators? Oh, that's where he draws the line, and trust us, you don’t want to be on the other side of that line.


From Syndicate to Saviors

Riot's journey from being a member of a crime syndicate to acquiring the powers of a metahuman is as tumultuous as it is intriguing. Having stolen the Metatech from under the very noses of the police, Riot was reborn, not as a guardian of justice, but as a mercenary with singular principles. Enforcer, rogue, and warrior, Riot has been many things, but above all, he stands as a defiant challenge to the mechanized tyranny of the Dominators.

Raw Power and Ruthless Precision

Riot's arsenal is as pragmatic as his worldview. Tranquility, a slab of devastating metal, serves as a testament to his brute strength, felling foes who dare come close. But it's not just about raw power; it's about strategy. When combined, his Sword Chain and Shield Rush can incapacitate even the most formidable adversaries, dragging them to their doom. And for those who dare challenge his defenses, the Energy Shield awaits, not just as a barrier but as a potential weapon. With every strike he parries, Riot's Armor stands as a symbol of his resilience, mitigating the onslaughts that come his way.

A Mercenary's Relationships

Riot's interactions with his allies are less about camaraderie and more about tactical advantage. His pragmatic outlook often clashes with the introspective philosophies of Noble. Ozymandias, with his unpredictable tendencies, earns Riot's wary suspicion. While he might mock Daye for his immaturity, their shared missions are often peppered with unexpected moments of levity. Tesla's presence might invoke playful antagonism, but there's a subtle undercurrent of mutual respect. As for Bravo Zulu, their dynamic is one of wary distance, with Riot's irritation evident at B.Z's know-it-all attitude. Despite the constant banter with Pyro over superiority, the two share a competitive camaraderie. Yet, amidst all these relationships, his deliberate avoidance of the curious Devol and his visible mistrust of Nightcore highlight his complex personality, dictated by a past steeped in crime and a present driven by principles.

Defiance in the Face of Dominance

In the Machines Arena, where allegiances are fleeting, and battles are relentless, Riot carves out a space for himself as a mercenary with unyielding principles. His journey is not one of redemption but of resistance against a force that seeks to commodify humanity. With every swing of Tranquility and every deployment of his Energy Shield, Riot sends a clear message to the Dominators and their human allies: some lines must never be crossed. Join Riot as he navigates the tumultuous landscape of the Machines Arena, his every action echoing his unyielding stance against selling humanity's soul to the machines.